Anne Chatroux
Executive Partnering
Do these business situations sound familiar to you?

  • You have a dream for your business and yourself as its
    leader, yet you find yourself continually mired in paperwork,
    office politics, and the pressures of day-to-day operations.
    You'd love an external source of sanity and support, an
    outside collaborator who tells you the unvarnished truth
    and guides you to turn those dreams into reality, but you
    don't know where to turn for this wisdom.
  • Your meetings have become endless discussions with little
    practical outcome, your team is preoccupied with political
    posturing, and you see a lack of clarity and accountability
    instead of actual strategy, productive debate, and effective
    decision-making. You find yourself walking away from one
    meeting after another convinced the time spent produced
    insufficient results.

If this rings true, read on.

To address these problems and others like them, I partner with
and coach senior executives and their teams to create a company
where a stimulating work environment with extraordinary results
s the reality, not that elusive dream.

My areas of specialisation include:

  • Partnering with the CEO as an outside strategic partner and
    support system
  • Building and mobilising a cohesive, highly functioning
    leadership team to tackle all major business issues and
    obstacles regardless of industry.

First I work with the CEO to become a truly extraordinary leader,
one whose defining characteristics are:

  • The ability to build exceptional teams
  • Clarity about themselves as the source of growth for their
    people and the business; and
  • Humility and discipline.

Next I partner with the company’s senior management to develop
a foundation of trust in each other, which allows them to spiritedly
and respectfully debate to resolve strategic issues now and in the
future. This ability to have authentic debates also allows the team
to hold each other to account with integrity and discipline.
Together they now have the tools to meet challenges that
previously caused discord and failure. This dual level process acts
as the catalyst to extraordinary business results.